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Snail-mail to VUG

A personal letter often has an impact an email does not. If you'd like to maximise your chances of being heard by Vivendi on the subject of Gabriel Knight 4, why not send both an email and a formal letter by snail-mail (aka normal posted letter)?

We provide a sample letter below. You are welcome to use it either "as is" or adapt it for your use, although we do suggest you write your own letter as that lends an air of your own style of writing, and correctly conveys exactly what you want to say. We also want to avoid giving Vivendi the impression that these are all form letters without any individual input.

We also include the sample letter as a downloadable Word document file, to make it even easier for you. Edit as you wish. We do ask that you write with courtesy and clarity (and please don't forget to sign your letter).

Sample Letter

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Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign

2 April, 2006

Vivendi Universal Games
6060 Center Drive
5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Dear Vivendi:

I write to you on a subject dear to my heart. For years, a growing number of fans have been waiting for Gabriel Knight 4 - without any positive news thus far. In fact, the story of Gabriel Knight 4 has so far been one of anticipation, endless waiting, disappointing stalemates, continued waiting, decreasing hope, and more waiting, punctuated with fan-made petitions and letters requesting that the game be made.

Now, finally, we have heard that there may be some cautious cause for optimism. Adventure games may find the current computer game climate promising. It’s been said that Gabriel Knight 4 may be currently under discussion. There are other promising signs, and as a result of them, the Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign has been launched with one goal in mind: to encourage the making of Gabriel Knight 4. That is why I am writing to you to request that you will permit GK4 to be created - specifically, under the vision and with the writing talent of Jane Jensen, the original creator and writer of the Gabriel Knight series, whose work I so greatly admire and whom I consider an absolutely outstanding talent in the world of game design.

I believe that there is an increasing demand for adventure games, and that properly marketed, GK4 will be a stunning success. There are indications that this is a promising time for adventure games, and that a forward-thinking computer game company has the opportunity now to make the current craze for historical mysteries à la The Da Vinci Code (only much better) work for it. And Gabriel Knight 4 would be the game to make that happen.

The game itself is so rich in exactly those topical issues that are on everyone's mind today – that fascinating combination of mythology, arcane and religious mysteries, a blend of imaginative fiction within a wonderful framework of history – this is truly a fantastic time for GK4. And its plotline is crying out for a stunning finale which I know Jane Jensen can do. Ms Jensen has mentioned several times that she envisaged the game as concerning ghosts and past regrets – strong elements of supernatural mysteries. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic game. All that is needed is the opportunity – a great company with the right resources and a strong commitment to making this THE game of its time.

I would appreciate your response, and I urge you to look at the Gabriel Knight 4 campaign favourably.

Yours sincerely,


Your name

Passionate supporter of the Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign





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