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Articles, Links, News

»21st September, 2007: The infamous “cat hair moustache” puzzle... EXPOSED! Get the full story behind this puzzle and the person and reasons behind it.

»Interview article: New interview with Scott Bilas by Philip Jong, published by Adventure Classic Gaming, 23rd August, 2007. Scott Bilas is well-known as the technical lead for Gabriel Knight 3.

»26th July, 2007: Read about the Yates poem which inspired some aspects of the GK series.

»23rd July, 2007: The long-promised section on The history and culture of Bavaria (with particular reference to the Bavaria of Ludwig II) is now up.

»GabrielKnight4Campaign website now translated into the following languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Czech, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew (still in progress), Greek and Norwegian.

»20th June, 2007: BradDaBug has written a tutorial on how to create a mod for GK3.

»Interview with Jane Jensen at Gamasutra, 17th May, 2007.

»Interview with Will Binder by Ingrid Heyn, published by Adventure Classic Gaming, 16th May, 2007. (Will Binder is well-known to Gabriel Knight fans as the directed of GK2: The Beast Within.)

»10th March, 2007: A handy tool – GK3 BSP Converter – created by BradDaBug, is available for download. Details can be read in this forum thread.

»11th February, 2007: Collector gives the low-down on running the Gabriel Knight games with Vista. (Best recommendation at present: don’t get Vista now if you can wait a while, as some of the problems may be fixed in future versions of Vista.)

»8th December 2006: Italian company Adventure Planet in agreement with Vivendi has re-released the Italian version of The Beast Within: the game is now available for purchase. Full details are here on the GK4Campaign blog.

»26th November, 2006: Enjoy this utterly gorgeous slideshow at - an animation of Jane Jensen’s short GK story, Pause. The animation is by Simo Sakari Aaltonen. Pause itself can be read here.

»9th October 2006: A hand-drawn Map of Rennes-le-Château indicating the important places in the village, and an aerial map of Rennes-le-Château.

»Interview article: The music and the mystery of Robert Holmes by Ingrid Heyn, published by Adventure Classic Gaming, 2nd September, 2006. Based on interview with Robert Holmes (composer of the Gabriel Knight music) on 26th June 2006.

»2nd July, 2006: Nico Sels has resurrected SIDney, the unofficial homepage of GK3.

»Full transcript of the interview of Robert Holmes by Ingrid Heyn on 26th June 2006.

»Review of Gabriel Knight 3 by Thaumaturge, and Gabriel Knight article by Ingrid Heyn in August 2006 issue of Adventure Lantern. Download issue in zipped pdf format.

»Watch Jane Jensen and a representative from Anaconda talk about the forthcoming adventure game Gray Matter at the Press Conference in Leipzig. Download the entire video from Adventure-Eu (requires registration), or watch the video in three smaller parts (no registration required) – part 1, part 2 and part 3.

»Read the full transcript of what Jane Jensen had to say at the Leipzig Press Conference about Gray Matter. Transcript by Ingrid Heyn.

»August 2006: It was revealed that Jane Jensen's Gray Matter is to be published by ANACONDA/dtp. Read about it on the GK4Campaign blog.

»23rd August 2006: Information about the Curse of DarKastle – a Theme Park Ride at Busch Gardens Europe, in Williamsburg, Virginia (USA). The theme park ride features the figure of King Ludwig II, midnight sleigh rides and werewolves – fascinatingly echoing the theme of GK2.

»21st August 2006: Various bits and pieces concerning Neuschwanstein: one, a DVD documentary of Schloß Neuschwanstein (German & English language); two, a Schloß Neuschwanstein poster (36 x 24 cm); three, a Schloß Neuschwanstein Advent Calendar; four, a 3D image of Schloß Neuschwanstein; five, a 360° panorama of Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrücke; six, some beautiful photographs of Schloß Neuschwanstein taken by Alfred Molon; and seven, and the official Schloß Neuschwanstein website, which includes a virtual tour of the castle.

»12th August 2006: The truly beautiful 360° panorama of Rennes-le-Château and the equally lovely 360° panorama of Tour Magdala are based on the photography of Gilles Vidal. Many thanks to the publisher of the site, Hans Nyberg, for so kindly permitting us to link to these gorgeous panoramas.

»5th July 2006: Post by Nico Sels, concerning the GK3 reskinning project.

»19th July 2006: A familiar image to all GK2 players, in a postcard featuring the New Orleans cemetery, sent by L’Vaeryn to Almirena.

»Gabriel Knight article by Ingrid Heyn in July 2006 issue of Adventure Lantern. Download issue in zipped pdf format.

»Read Postmortem: Sierra Studio’s Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned by Scott Bilas. (Scott Bilas was senior engineer at Sierra Studios and the technical lead on Gabriel Knight 3.)

»Unmissable! VIDEO – The Making of Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers uploaded by Realitystorm. This video is taken from the GK CD edition.


In-House Articles

»Adventure Games Then & Now (Fate of Adventure Games), by Andrew Branscom.

»Why Computer Games Aren’t Just For Children, by Noelle G. & Pooky.

»Vodoun: The Hidden Face of Voodoo, by Noelle G.

»Saint George: Man, Myth, Saint, by Angelwwolf.

»King Ludwig II of Bavaria, by Greg Galon.

»Marie Laveau: Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, by Q-boot.

»New Orleans, by MarquisKobold.

»Who Is Gabriel Knight?, by Andrea Santorio.

»The Story So Far, by Andrea Santorio.

»Continue with Gabriel Knight?, by Ingrid Heyn.

»Why We Need Gabriel Knight, by Ingrid Heyn.

»Current GK Status, by Ingrid Heyn.

»Inspiration: Gabriel Knight (featuring the Yates poem which inspired Jane Jensen in Gabriel Knight), by Ingrid Heyn.

»The Misbegotten Corpse: A Vampire History, Mind to Grave, by Ingrid Heyn.

»The Bérenger Saunière Myth: Turning Straw into Gold, by Ingrid Heyn.

»Richard Wagner: Twilight of an Age, by Ingrid Heyn.

»Bavaria - A Separate Kingdom, by Ingrid Heyn.





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