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Our Aim

We wish by our actions, our passion for the GK series, and by our numbers to convince Vivendi Universal Games (VUG) that Gabriel Knight has a ready market that will more than support a GK4.

We wish to convince VUG that the adventure game GK4 would be an outstanding success and financially rewarding.

We wish also to let VUG know what a goldmine the intricate and exciting plotline of GK is. Jane Jensen is a master in her field, and her many fans have been hoping for the creation and release of GK4 for years. Novels and movies with similar (although generally far less adept) themes and plots have been hugely successful of late, including the runaway success of the Da Vinci Code.

We wish, therefore, to convince VUG to let the game be created with Jane Jensen, the series creator, at the helm. We wish also to convince VUG that the adventure game genre is not dead. Other game genres have been taking centre stage, but increasingly, adventure aspects have been added to them. This is a small sign that players are becoming restless with games that lack plot substance and adventure elements.

We wish to show that a well-designed adventure game of the high standard associated with GK could be a vanguard for a truly exciting new direction in computer games. The combination of today’s resources with classic adventure game storyline and other elements will, we believe, create an irresistible force on the market.

We aim to do everything in our power to see GK4 created.

It is our hope that this campaign will achieve those things spectacularly.




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