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Emailing Vivendi

When emailing Vivendi, there are certain common-sense guidelines to follow:

1.  Send it to the right email address -

2.  Fill in the subject - e.g., "Re Gabriel Knight 4", or "Gabriel Knight 4 campaign". Whatever you do, don't leave the subject line blank.

3.  Address the email politely - e.g., Dear Vivendi.

4.  Be courteous, not rude. Mention that you want GK4 to be made. Explain why. Say why you think it would be successful. Mention anything else appropriate.

5.  Don't make the email TOO long. Be clear, concise, and passionate without being rude.

6.  PLEASE don't send it before you've used a spell-checker!

7.  You must say who you are. Sending an "unsigned" email looks like spamming. It's best to use your real name, not your online pseudonym.

8.   Optional: add something like "Passionate supporter of the Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign" at the bottom.

Sample Email

A SAMPLE EMAIL is shown below. Writing your own email is obviously best, but you are welcome to use the sample below if you wish.

SUBJECT: The Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign
BODY: Dear Vivendi,

For years, a growing number of fans have been waiting for Gabriel Knight 4 - without any positive news thus far.

I am writing to you to request that you will permit GK4 to be created - specifically, under the vision and with the writing talent of Jane Jensen, the original creator and writer of the Gabriel Knight series.

I believe that there is an increasing demand for adventure games, and that properly marketed, GK4 will be a stunning success.

The game itself is so rich in exactly those topical issues that are on everyone's mind today - that fascinating combination of mythology, arcane and religious mysteries, a blend of imaginative fiction within a wonderful framework of history - this is truly a fantastic time for GK4. And its plotline is crying out for a stunning finale which I know Jane Jensen can do.

I would appreciate your response, and I urge you to look at the Gabriel Knight 4 campaign with a favourable eye.

Yours sincerely,


Passionate supporter of

Quick email

If you want an even QUICKER email strategy, you can click onto our Quick email for an auto-send email.

We limited the text in the auto-send email link; for Microsoft Outlook users, an error message is generated if there are too many characters in an auto-fill email. Please customise the text as you wish.

Please only send ONE email to Vivendi to avoid the impression of spamming.




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