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Print Media

Magazines & Newspapers

We will be happy for any help in compiling a contact list of print media (magazines, newspapers, etc.) that might be interested in articles concerning this campaign and Gabriel Knight 4 in general.

It is suggested that another interview with Jane, concerning further ideas on what she would have in mind for GK4 if it were to go ahead, might be in order. Anyone interested in offering comments concerning this or in being involved is welcome to email the GK4 Campaign Project Co-ordinator.

For those interested in writing for their local magazines or newspapers, we urge you to do your research. Find out the Editor-in-Chief, or the relevant editor to whom you can submit your article. Ask about what their requirements would be - consider word-length, word choice, a fresh outlook, and so on. Remember: a magazine or newspaper will only be interested in an article which will fit in with their readership. Keep that mind when you write. You may wish to consider pre-writing a short article that contains the average number of words per article usually published in the relevant magazine/newspaper. Have a much shorter abstract ready as well. Do a bit of checking to see whether the editor wants to see your abstract at the same time as receiving your "pitch" to write the article you have in mind.

If your article is published, LET US KNOW! We'll be delighted to list the information (newspaper/magazine name, issue number, date and place of publication, your byline) on this site.


Please email the GK4 Campaign Project Co-ordinator if you have any information about magazines, newspapers, etc., that may be interested in articles concerning the Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign.





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