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Adventure Games Then & Now

1, 2, 3

One solution to appeal to a wider demographic could be multi-threaded plots, several different paths of varying levels of difficulty, with varying levels of successful conclusions. Easier paths for neophytes to win the game, but harder paths with more desirable outcomes for adventure game veterans.

Though it should be developed for the PC, some consideration should be given to gaming console market.

But above all else, the emphasis must be on the narrative.

Modern Game Developers

Will the current game developers do it? As with movies, game developers make games like the latest block-buster or best-seller, with little regard for innovation. In this world of remakes, sequels and clones, there seems to be little taste for "risk". The timidity of those that make the decisions to produce what is only safe, will never see that block-buster.

What can we as the want-to-be customers of these games do to convince the more daring companies? That is what this site is about, to make our presence known. Let them know the huge potential market to be tapped. The more active this site is, the more active that the Sierra message boards for the adventure games are, the more we will be noticed. If enough of us buy what few adventure games are out there and the Sierra compilations (if they come out), it will be noticed.


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